IT HAS BEGUN (cough Mortal Kombat)

Good day everyone!  Thanks for scoping out DIY RPG Productions eStore!  It is much appreciated.  

I am kicking this off with apparel and a few books I've written on a pre-order special before I buy the bulk of the goods and kicking a little bit of savings to peeps for supporting the launch.  Deets below on that shizzy!

So what are some things to look forward that will make their way to the shop:

*Prints of Angie Groves' art from Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure, Death is the New Pink, Barbarians of the Ruined Earth, and the upcoming Death is the New Pink: Going Medieval on Yo' Ass supplement!

*More fashionable apparel

*Patches to iron on to your jacket, laptop back, or your friends and family! What s

*AGOG Studio Jewelry (that's Angie's awesome jewelry- more info soon!)

*Dice bags

*Roll-up Dice Bags

*Demon City Ultimate Horror RPG Hardcover

*Signed copy of Barbarians of the Ruined Earth by me (Standard Edition Cover or Special Edition Cover)

*Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Road Map of the United States

*Other stuff marinating in my brain pan


Again- thank you for the support.